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Welcome to Hornet history. (2002-2003 added.)

Starting from just after the 2nd world war this site will provide information on famous and not so famous players, The tables ,matches and news from each year up to the present day. It is intended as a reminder and tribute to the many players and officials who have contributed to Watford FC in some small way but are forgotten over time.

The aim: To eventually be a repository for all things historic about Watford FC so that people can find out more about the club that they love.

The site is updated as often as I can with new information. It is a hobby so updates are made when the wife and kids are out.

If you have pictures of players (especially from the 40's 50's + 60's) or items that you want me to add to the site, or even to correct a historical inaccuracy feel free to contact me (Wayne Godfrey). my e-mail:

Note the content of this website have been derived from hours down public record offices, old programs, peoples bins and the help of friends. I would like to thank Glen Rogers who made a wealth of information available to me before I started this project.
official information/images reproduced under authorisation from Watford FC (thank you WFC).
Please feel free to link to the site but get permission if you want to use any of my own personal stuff.







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